Thursday, March 3, 2016

POV - Jeff Salazar on Acting (Bonus - The Power of Choice, Pt. 2)

Sometimes getting what you want means sacrifice and an uncompromising focus on your ultimate goal.

Our acting student blogger Jeff Salazar and his wife had to make some important -- and life changing -- decisions when they agreed Jeff should pursue his dream of an acting degree here at SFI.  Jeff wasn't deterred. Read on to see how perseverance paid off for Jeff and his family.

Read more about how The Power of Choice is in your hands as Jeff applies this principle to his career and studies at SFI.

The Power of Choice (Bonus)
By Jeff Salazar

The date was set, and my enrollment was complete.  After making my calls to the Seattle Film Institute, I was accepted and I was set to begin my class instruction the following term.  But the time lag between my enrollment and start date was approximately 4-months, and my hunger for developing the craft has already set in.

My wife and I began making preparations for this transition.  After telling her what my intentions for education was, she was surprisingly accepting of the switch.  Following one’s passion cannot lead you astray, and we believe in this firmly.  Without passion, there cannot be growth and progress.  Following this belief, we decided to cut down our life significantly.  Upon enrollment we lived in a fairly large house overlooking the Puget Sound in suburb of Tacoma called University Place.  It is a wonderful city, and filled with enriching activities, however, this is not a city for the student-budget.  The cost of living is similar to downtown Seattle and we needed to make some serious adjustments to our cost outputs.

In order to keep the house and maintain a stasis of living situation we decided to find applicable renters that could make the payments for the house and fill it with a family and positive energy.  After finding the proper family to occupy the house, we went searching for a home that would fit our needs.  House after house showed us that prospects were pretty slim in our local area, forcing us to search outside the manageable boundaries of what could be considered a “reasonable” commute.  

After searching for weeks and not finding a house that would fit our needs, inspiration struck us and redefined our meaning of what a home really was.  Spending so much time away from my family serving in the military allowed me to look into the key aspects of how to live happily with someone else. “Surely”, I thought to myself, “the experiences I have been through have been much worse, and all I need is to stay warm and dry”.  

Thinking outside the box, and as extreme as this sounds, I started looking into Recreational Vehicles (RV) for consideration.  Yes, I know, very drastic.  

We settled on a 25-foot Winnebago Warrior, and it is just that: A Warrior.  We purchased this beast for a very reasonable price and it has been our primary residence for the last 8-months.  In continuing the outside the box, we got creative with our living situation a little further by finding free places to park with free power, water, and sewer.  This allowed us to save dramatically and enabled us to thrive in the Seattle Area.

This small excerpt from my personal story follows along with the theme of this article and is a vital attribute of the working actor: Making Choices.  This seems like a small detail, but it can spell the difference between a good performance and a great performance.

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  1. Great story, I was wondering what your motivation was for going the RV path, it's a choice that's tempted me many times!