Sunday, February 14, 2016

Press Release: Seattle Film Institute Regional Economic Driver; Accreditation

Seattle Film Institute Announces Accreditation: Only Accredited Film-Focused School in the Northwest
Accelerates Regional Economic Development through Highly-Skilled Career Training

Seattle Film Institute (SFI) has always been known for its leadership role in providing career-based education and as a regional economic driver accelerator.  Now, that SFI has become the only accredited film-focused school in the Northwest, it is poised to take its role to an even higher level.  

The economic value of the film industry regionally is easy to see: Washington productions hire four times as many Washington residents as non-residents, at an average hourly wage of $40. The film industry contributed a massive $3.7 million to the state over the last quarter, including $1.95 million in payroll for our state’s residents.*

SFI Making the Connection: Economic Power

“From the high tech world of virtual reality, to the video game industry, to film production, Seattle Film Institute prepares students for jobs that provide meaningful careers and that bolster the local economy,” says David Shulman, SFI’s president. The fields for which SFI provides training inject $698 billion into the U.S. economy — that’s a whopping 4.3 percent of the country’s goods and services.**

“Nationally, there are 4.7 million workers in the arts sectors, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Seattle Film Institute is a destination not just for those here in Washington but from across the country and with international students as well.” Actors, producers, composers, visual effects artists, directors, camera operators, editors, cinematographers… Watch the end credits of almost any film, and you’ll see the careers for which SFI trains students. 

Fully Accredited Means a College Degree and Career Path More Easily Obtained

Seattle Film Institute is the only fully accredited (by ACICS — Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools) film-focused school in the Northwest. Accreditation affirms SFI’s flagship role in career-focused education both regionally and nationally with its undergraduate and graduate degree programs in film. The school beats state and national average student completion rates significantly: over 90% of students complete their degree or certificate.

Seattle Film Institute provides:

— The only film-related graduate degrees in the Northwest

— An accelerated Bachelor of Arts degree in film 

— One of the nation’s only “upside-down” degree programs allowing students to start their education with film courses at SFI and then finish with general education classes at a college or university

— A nationally renowned intern and job placement program for all graduates

Mackenzie Glisson graduated with her BA from Seattle Film Institute in 2015. Glisson is a working filmmaker and photographer in Seattle and Los Angeles. “Seeing that accreditation come through was huge,” she says. “Companies I work with really wanted to see that accreditation. It’s like the very best business card for a recent graduate to have. It really augmented the great resume I put together as a student and as a working filmmaker.”


For more information about Seattle Film Institute’s programs, degrees and admission policies, please visit

BA in Film; MA in Filmmaking and Producing programs begin February 22.

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*Washington Filmworks, January, 2016

** National Endowment of the Arts and the U.S Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2015 analysis of the role of arts and culture on the U.S. economy 

About Seattle Film Institute
Seattle Film Institute (SFI) is the Northwest region’s largest film school. Established in 1994, SFI is the only accredited, entirely film-focused school in the Pacific Northwest offering professional certificates, undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees in all aspects of filmmaking. All students receive a hands-on education building their skills from a faculty anchored by film industry professionals. The school is nationally known and ranked on various top ten lists for its innovative programs, including the nation’s only accelerated upside-down Bachelor of Arts degree in Film, the only Master of Fine Arts blending both production and producing, as well as a nationally recognized internship program available to all graduating students. Visit for more information about the school and the many programs offered.

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