Friday, October 30, 2015

Meet Our SFI Acting for Film Troupe

"If we don't love each other, we have to 'act' like we do." 

Meet Seraphina, Isaac, Gabriel, Jeff, Josh and Arri C.  They're just some of our current troupe of talented Acting for Film program students.
Meet some of our Acting for Film students (L-R): Seraphina Roth, Isaac Tietje,
Gabriel Orquiz-Hernandez, Jeff Salazar, Josh Westby and Arri C.

They all love the hands-on,
collaborative environment at Seattle Film Institute. "We have an accountability factor," Gabriel says. "Everyone is relying on each other to progress. Plus, we got to dive right in. We're working hand in hand with the producing students right now, learning about film editing and producing on top of acting." It really is a well-rounded educational experience.

These actors will have the tools they need when they graduate our program in about a year.  They'll even get training on the business side of acting -- how to present themselves for interviews and create a package for agents. All of SFI's acting students from the previous class have found agents and most are already working in the industry.

That really appealed to Seraphina. "I have an interest in singing, songwriting, writing and acting," she says. "I'm getting the experience and tools I need to get to work.  I love that the acting program isn't just about acting. We work in close quarters with everyone here including composers for scoring."

"No one slacks. It's so immersive here," Isaac relates. "Everyone has the same goals. All of our teachers have extensive experience and we get important real life tips."

Gabriel loves that he gets to work the camera. "That gives me motivation. I love making the connections, talking about movies. It's hard work but fun work."

Seattle Film Institute offers a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Filmmaking in the following concentrations: Filmmaking, Acting for Film, Sound Design and Motion Graphics & Visual Fx. That BA or certificate can be earned in about one calendar year due to the immersive aspects of the program.

For Arri C, this is her third time working for that, what used to be elusive, degree. "I wanted to be an English major originally and didn't really know what to do to complete the program. So, I transferred to another university but most of the credits I already had didn't transfer with me.  Here at SFI, all those credits have been applied toward my BA! It's such a win. I'm studying my passion and I'll leave here with my BA in hand."

A few of our Acting for Film students have completed full stints in the United States armed services, including Jeff. "I already had my AA in business.  I wanted to finish my BA. Your employability factor increases with a BA degree. I'll get that with a special emphasis in film. What a win!

These students aren't just building acting skills. They'll leave here with a path to a career and most, with that all important degree. But for now, these students are becoming a close knit family. "If we don't love each other, we have to 'act' like we do." We'll follow Seraphina, Isaac, Gabriel, Jeff, Josh and Arri C as they make their way through our Acting for Film program. We love these guys, too.

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