Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Seattle Film Institute: Turn Some Day into Today

"Some day, I'd like to go to film school."  Turn some day into today at Seattle Film Institute.

You don't have to wait until later, next week or even tomorrow to learn more and sign up to attend the premier film school in the Pacific Northwest.  You can to it today.

"Even though our fall classes start on Monday, you can still get in on our fall start," says David Shulman, SFI's executive director. "We're a small school and that means we can deliver a hands-on and individualized educational experience. We would love to talk to you."

Students work in a collaborative atmosphere in SFI's immersive environment, right from day one.  "Everyone has the opportunity to work together -- it's like going to school at a film studio. We do it all."

Seattle Film Institute's faculty are industry professionals with

one job: readying students for their careers in the film industry.  From award-winning composers to acting agents and cinematographers, SFI has the people in place to help students fulfill their goals and get to work. "Our internships are cutting edge in the industry and we also offer job placement for our graduates."

SFI offers Bachelor of Arts in Filmmaking degrees in a unique "upside down" format. This means that students entering SFI right out of high school can earn their BA in three years or less.  Students receive 90 college credits in their major field of study and then transfer to another college or university to complete their degree. "Our students earn those 90 credits in about a calendar year," says Shulman. "They study their passion first and then go on to complete their GE requirements. The BA degree comes from Seattle Film Institute." Over 90 percent of SFI's students complete their degree work -- that's 50 percent higher than the state average.  Plus, by combining study at SFI and then at a community college, that BA degree can be much more affordable. "Financial aid and tuition assistance is available as well," Shulman adds.

Degree options at Seattle Film Institute include:

Bachelor of Arts in Filmmaking or Masters of Fine Arts in Filmmaking and Producing in the following concentrations:

  • Acting for Film
  • Filmmaking
  • Motion Graphics & Visual FX
  • Sound Design & Recording Arts
  • Interdisciplinary Arts
Students can also earn a Master of Arts in Producing and a Master of Music in Film Composition.

Classes begin Monday, September 14. Contact Chris Blanchett to receive more information:  chris@seattlefilminstitute.com or 206.568.4387.  Be sure to visit us at www.seattlefilminstitute.com

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