Thursday, September 10, 2015

Seattle Film Institute - A Film Studio in a Box

We always talk about our unique and collaborative environment here at Seattle Film Institute... Our film studio in a box.  Everything you need is right here.

One of the things that really sets our school apart is its intimacy.  We're a small school with a variety of hands-on programs, all under one roof. We have the only film production related graduate degree program in the Pacific Northwest.  If you're an acting student, you collaborate on day one with the producing students. You'll interact with motion graphics and sound design students.  It's like being on a sound stage with production facilities all together.  You can't find that environment anywhere else in the region.

So, you can focus on filmmaking, acting for film, motion graphics & visual FX, sound design and recording arts or interdisciplinary arts.  You'll leave SFI armed with your certificate, BA or MA and the tools you need to get a job in the film industry.  We have internships in Hollywood and in Seattle as well as job placement services. And what's more, we offer an excellent financial aid/tuition assistance program.  All of these things combined make SFI one heck of a value.

Flexible schedule?  Check.

Evening classes?  Check.

Accelerated degree program?  Check.

BA and MA programs?  Check.

Financial aid?  Check.

Collaborative learning process?  Check.

Upside Down degree program (study film first out of high school)?  Check.

What are you waiting for? Classes begin September 14.  Apply today and get on the road to a great career in film.

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