Saturday, August 15, 2015

David Shulman: Lots of Good Stuff at SFI

Seattle Film Institute President David Shulman is excited about our new Acting for Film concentration. And more...

New Acting for Film Concentration is a Great Addition to our BA in Film Program

SFI President David Shulman and Art Zone's
Nancy Guppy during a shoot at SFI earlier this year.
Great News. Seattle Film Institute just got approval to add its Acting for Film program to the concentrations that lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree. Now in just 50 weeks, students can choose from Acting for Film, Filmmaking, Sound Design or Motion Graphics and earn 90 college credits. If someone already has an AA degree, this means they can earn the BA in 5 quarters (just a smidge over a calendar year) instead of the traditional six quarters and two whole academic years. 

In addition, if someone doesn't have their general education credits finished, they can come to SFI first and then finish off the other credits at any community college or university of their choice. This means someone can earn a BA in three years and start off studying their passion at SFI before taking on the other classes. 

It's called an "Upside-Down Degree" for that reason. If someone already has some college credits, they just finish the BA that much sooner. We've had students who have completed their AA degree through Running Start while still in high school and then have their BA one year later. They could then take our one year Master's program in Producing and have a graduate degree while their friends have just finished their first two years of college. It's an incredibly exciting opportunity. And we had an incredible Open House earlier today. There's still time to grab your seat at SFI this fall.

Acting for Teen Program — Starts August 17
You can still get in...

Seattle Film Institute had its first Film Acting for Teen program earlier this summer and it was a smash hit. We have another session coming up starting Mon. Aug. 17th. Please help spread the word to teen actors and aspiring actors who want to get a head start on their film acting career. Go here for more info or to register on line. You can also register by phone at 206-568-4387.


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