Thursday, July 16, 2015

SFI: Eliminating Hurdles to Getting Your Degree

Let's face it.  There can be obstacle after obstacle blocking the path to a higher education.  The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education was blunt discussing the affordability and accessibility of college in a 2011 study. "Community colleges are more crucial than ever, but state financial aid and transfer policies that enable students to move from two-year colleges to baccalaureate-granting institutions are not keeping pace with current needs," the Center reported.

You might wonder what this has to do with Seattle Film Institute and your ability to attend a prestigious and comprehensive film program like SFI offers.  Well, quite a lot.

It's no secret that adults with college degrees vastly increase their earning power. But getting that degree can seem daunting.  "It takes forever to earn a degree." "How can I qualify for college? I don't like school." "I have to work... How can I follow my dreams?" "I never thought college was for me."  

It's all about eliminating the hurdles to that degree or certificate.

Seattle Film Institute is a small institution with one goal: getting you ready for a successful career in the film industry. Each student at SFI benefits from an incredible amount of individual attention and our hands-on collaborative environment. As David Shulman, Executive Director at the school says, "Getting your degree at SFI is kind of like running a relay race. You get lots of support and you're part of a team; you're not running a marathon by yourself."

Now, how can we help put you on the pathway to a great career and that extra earning potential?

  • Take advantage of our SuperFlex schedule options -- you can take one class at a time, go to school part time or full time with a combination of day and evening courses available.  You get ultimate control!
  • Financial aid -- with $300,000 available in institutional grants, VA options and other financial aid options (for those who qualify), chances are there is some assistance that can apply towards your course fees and/or tuition.
  • Upside Down Degree -- this is a truly innovative approach to getting your BA. Attend SFI first and then complete your required GE requirements. For those on Fast Start out of high school, this track can be very alluring. SFI coursework can be completed in 13 months!
  • Accelerated Degree -- That's right; getting your degree doesn't have to take four years. Kick that degree program into overdrive and get the credits you need in as little as 13 months and then transfer to a community college to complete. Your BA will be from Seattle Film Institute in Filmmaking.
  • Finish that degree -- SFI has an over 95% completion rate. Community colleges and universities just can't match that (average 40%).
There are so many ways we can help you achieve your goals and we have an award winning faculty dedicated to helping you hone your talent and giving you the tools and support you need to get to work.

  • Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking and Producing
  • Master of Music in Film Composition
  • Master of Arts in Producing for Film  (one of only 5 such programs in the U.S.)
  • Certificate or Bachelors of Arts in Film (AA transfer students can earn their BA in one calendar year)
    • Filmmaking
    • Acting for Film
    • Motion Graphics & Visual FX
    • Sound Design & Recording Arts (only program in the U.S.)
Now, the spotlight is on you.  Get in touch with us -- we'll be happy to provide more information and show you around our collaborative studio.  Meet with faculty and students.

Thursday, July 23
5-7:30 p.m.


Schedule a one-on-one appointment. Contact Chris at or at 206.568.4387.

Either way, we're sure we can help you get on the way to realizing your dreams.  Fall classes start in September.

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