Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Ida Lupino Acting Library Takes Center Stage at SFI

Check our Our New Library
"Conan the Librarian" sends word of the creation of the Ida Lupino Acting Library. This is a great start to our new library project. The Acting Library will be followed by the Production Library, the Screenwriting Library and the PNW Film Scoring Library. These are exciting times at SFI!
We're locating the books right in the classrooms used by the students, instead of keeping the Seattle Film Institute library under lock and key,  The acting books hold center stage in the main Acting for Film classroom and we will continue to spread out the collection so the books and resources can always be put to good use by our students and faculty.

This couldn't have happened without the generous donation from Stephanie Ogle who has given Cinema Books a new form.

Mark Your Calendar

August 6 

August 15

September 20
First day of fall classes -- there are still seats available and you can earn your BA, MFA or Certificate in Filmmaking in record time.
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