Thursday, July 2, 2015

Motion Graphics & FX at SFI -- Hands on in Class

SFI faculty member Paul Turcott
Paul Turcott is our Motion Graphics and FX instructor here at SFI.  Paul brings quite a resume and some amazing expertise to our programs here at the school.

Elissa at work in the FX lab at SFI.
Elissa Walstead is one of Paul's students.  Today, we wanted to give you a hands-on look at the work Elissa is doing in Paul's classes.
A Visual Arts Tour

Cinema 4D is a cutting edge 3D modeling, animation and rendering application that has been used on a number of high profile Hollywood productions including the 40th anniversary remastering of Star Trek The Original Series.  SFI is one of only a handful of schools teaching this technology.

Here, Elissa is working with the software's new camera tracker. She's tracking footage and placing polygonal geometry in the 3D environment. Lighting will be added so the simulated glass TV screen will simulate the reflected light in the shot.
In this shot, Elissa is properly rotoscoping out a character's arm and hand with the incredibly powerful rotoscoping and painting software, Silhouette. Silhouette takes a huge amount of the drudgery out of the art of rotoscoping and allows the FX artist to get the job done quickly and efficiently with much less effort.

This is the interface inside of Silhouette with the powerful planar tracker Mocha Pro in its interface. It combines two powerful tool sets for tracking and object removal.
Here, Elissa is learning to create her own surfaces for simple geometry. She'll light and render them with photo realistic results. This image is just the interface within Cinema 4D -- the image has not yet been rendered. 

Prepare for a Career in the Film Industry

You can choose from a number of degree and certificate programs (Motion Graphics & FX, Filmmaking, Sound Design, Acting for Film, Producing and Composing for Film) at Seattle Film Institute.  Fall classes begin in September and financial aid is available.

Drop by our Info Meeting, Thursday, July 23 from 5 - 7:30 p.m., or schedule a personal appointment at the school to see our facilities and meet our faculty (like Paul) and staff.

Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality and prepare for a successful career in the film industry?

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